The Sambo Kojin Experience: Grill All You Can. Eat All You Can.

Last Saturday, my brother-in-law and his girlfriend celebrated their birthdays with a dinner treat at Sambo Kojin in Eastwood. It was my first time at Sambo Kojin, and it certainly wouldn't be my last! 

Everything was just oh-so-delicious!!! If only my tummy could fit all that Sambo Kojin has to offer, I would have tasted each and everyone of them! 

So here's how my first-ever Sambo Kojin experience went. :)

The first thing I noticed was these jars of different sauces placed on every table. My favorite was their very own Sambo Kojin Sauce.

Then I went ahead and checked out the buffet, making a mental note of the dishes I would want to try that night.

My sweet tooth got the better of me, and the dessert spread was the first one I checked out. ;-)
Cakes in pretty colors!

The Chocolate Fondue was a hit for the kids and the kids-at-heart like me! =P


There was a section of cooked dishes, the names of which I couldn't quite remember. :-S

Here are the breaded dishes: Tempura, Tonkatsu, Karaage, etc.

And then there's a wide array of Maki-Sushi!!!
Hmm.... what to choose??!

Wasabi Overload!!!

There's bacon, pork, and beef strips, and some dishes on sticks.
Veggies wrapped in bacon!  My favorite! :-)

Pork strips and on sticks

Marinated beef strips.... the best!!!

I forgot to take a picture of the Korean spread, but my first plate consisted of Korean vegetable salad and spicy dilis. :)

Special request: Sukiyaki! Soooo delicious!!! <3 <3 <3

These are just some of the sushi rolls I tried. I think I ate 6-8 rolls, if I remember correctly. :D

My favorite plate! Couldn't get enough of the bacon rolls and the marinated US beef!!! I had several servings of both! hehehe ;)
My favorites: Bacon-wrapped asparagus and marinated US beef

Grilling my bacon rolls and pork BBQ.  Thank God for smokeless grills! ;-)

Can't get enough of you!!! :-P~

Hubby's nth plate. If only I'm not allergic to shrimps, I would have eaten more!

Dessert #1: Fruit + Cake = Fruitcake?! ;-)

Dessert #2: I just love plain vanilla ice cream!!!

Dessert #3 and #4: Chocolate overload!!! I just had to have a second serving!

Oh, what a meal that was! I'll surely be coming back for more!!! :-)


  1. Dessert spread talaga una mong tiningnan ha! hehehe! ako din siguro!Nagutom namn ako sa post mo!

  2. Visiting you again para maglaway sa post mo! heehee!