Home-made Maki

Finally, it's little C's summer vacation, and I have more time for cooking! :-)  
Here's my very own version of the Japanese Maki.


Nori sheet:  My good Japanese friend sent me this one. It is said that the quality of the Nori sheet makes all the difference!  And I'm really glad to get a very good quality Nori, that's authentically Japanese! :)

Crab sticks: Got this from the local grocery store.

Cucumber & Mango, cut into strips

Rice:  For this one, I used whatever we had at home, just plain Sinandomeng, but I'm sure the sticky Japanese Rice would have tasted even better.

Assembly is quick and easy! Just layer the following from bottom to top: bamboo sushi mat, plastic wrap, Nori sheet, rice, crab, mango, and cucumber sticks.  Then roll tightly.  Cut into bite-size pieces, and serve with wasabi and soy sauce.

Itadakimasu! =)  

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  1. Uy gusto ko yan!! I love the boat plate! May ganyan din ako pero di ko na amlaman kung san ko nailagay.