How was your Christmas?

We had a wonderful Christmas celebration, as always. Hope you had a lovely one, too! :)

Here's C by the Christmas tree:

Wishing you all a fruitful New Year!!!

Missing C...

It's extremely quiet without C at home. I cleaned the entire house today, and when I stopped for a while to rest, I realized how boring my life would be without my noisy, sometimes naughty, but always sweet little girl! I miss her already! And it has just been 24 hours! Can't wait for C to be back tomorrow! =)

Why I've been busy lately...

November and December are usually the busiest months for me, but this time around, their even busier than ever! So, please excuse me for not posting for so long... I've been busy as busy can be!

Anyway, here's an update of what I've been up to the past months. My family were recently in Singapore for a family visit. It was so much fun! And it was C's first trip abroad. She was so excited for this trip. Surprisingly, too, she was well-behaved on her first airplane ride. =D The highlight of our trip was our visit to Universal Studios. C enjoyed the 3D Shrek show so much that until now she keeps talking about how she got wet from Donkey's sneezing! *hachoo!* =)

Just wanna share some nice scenery shots from our recent trip:

Christmas display of lights along Esplanade Dr.

Aboard the Sentosa Express on the way to Universal Studios
Universal Studios Singapore!
Meeting the Merlion

Christmas along Orchard Rd.

C at the Holiday Inn lobby

The famous Fountain of Wealth
(Unfortunately, it was closed at the time we visited, due to the downpour. We still made a wish, though. :) )

A scene from Songs of the Sea
The Helix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands
A view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino across the river
Now that we're back, I'm still busy! hehe... busy organizing Christmas parties and get-togethers for High School and College friends, as well as cousins and other relatives. Christmas break this year is a bit short because December 25 falls on a Saturday. Good thing Dec 27 is declared a holiday, too. That's why the get-togethers will fall on days one after the other, so it'll surely be a busy Christmas. Nonetheless, I look forward to lovely get-togethers and wonderful times with family and friends.

Just in case I get too busy again the next days and weeks, I'm wishing each of you an advanced Christmas greeting. May you and your family enjoy the Christmas season and may bountiful blessings come your way!