Jollibee's Charm

What is it with Jollibee? He seems to have that certain charm that endears him to children and adults alike. He's just sooo cute!!

I've never been fond of attending children's parties until I had my own child. Now we just love going to these parties, especially when they're held in Jollibee. We especially enjoy Jollibee's dance number! It's funny how the adults seem to be more excited to see Jollibee than the young children who sometimes shy away from this one enormous mascot. But give it some time, and eventually the little ones soon find themselves wanting more of their Jolly friend.

We've just been to a Jollibee party recently, and we're looking forw
ard to the next one next month. In the meantime, this picture of Jollibee is enough to make us smile. :)

Celebrating our 4th Anniversary

On our 4th wedding anniversary, hubby and I decided to spend the night at a hotel together with the little one (third wheel..hehehe).

The little girl has just finished swimming, and probably grew tired so she's now fast asleep. My hubby just went out to get something to eat, and I'm enjoying the quiet hotel room surfing the net and blogging away. :)

Well, I just want to share how happy I am today that I am celebrating with the two people I love most! In my mind and in my heart, I am forever grateful for having them in my life, and I thank the Lord for this day 4 years ago when I said "I Do."