Cute Kids' Dresses

I again had fun with Polyvore today. These outfits are just so adorable, I'd love to see them on my daughter! =)

Crocs Kids

Mommies out there, please help me choose which one of these Crocs I'd buy for my little darling. The prices are almost the same for each style, and the Crocs brand is well-proven and tested for comfort and durability. So, it all just boils down to the style, really. BUT all are really so cute, I'm having a hard time choosing just one (but I need to, as my budget only allows me to buy one for the little girl). So maybe, you could help me by telling me which style you'd pick if you were to buy one for your little girl. ;) Thanks! =)



Electro Slide

For comparison, I would just like to say that my daughter has already outgrown her Minnie Janes, and has a Dora the Explorer Crocs on-hand (given to her as a gift, but are still too big for her little feet). So, we're kinda looking for a little different style this time. :) Thanks for your help! :)

M is for Money, S is for Savings!

In keeping with my New Year's Resolution of saving money in 2010, I thought it wise to share a few more ideas on just how I am trying to live up to my resolution.

First, although I have to admit that I cannot live without a cell phone, I have learned that I can do without the latest (and quite expensive) cell phone models in the market today. When I was still single, I used to change cell phone models as soon as I lay my eyes on a newer model equipped with more features, which, more often than not, I don't really get to use. But since I became a mother, I've realized that I could be spending the money on my daughter's needs instead of on newer cell phone models. I just need one that will enable me to send SMS and call my loved ones whenever I want to. More so, I have long stopped subscribing to mobile post-paid services. With pre-paid, I can budget my monthly cell phone charges. Simple, functional, and affordable!

Second, I try to pay in cash than charge it to my credit cards. If it couldn't be avoided, I make it a point to pay my credit card bills in full, or at the very least, much more than the minimum amount due. And if possible, try to ask your credit card company to cancel your annual membership fee. If you try, they would at the very least deduct a certain percentage to the annual fee. Less charges, more savings!

Third, I research and look for more ways on how I can save more. The web has many resources from handling personal finance to investing. MSN Money is just one of the many sites that offer news and ideas on managing your money.

And lastly, I came across, a website that inspires people to save money. With free tools to help you realize your monthly bills, and suggestions on how to make them lower, Billshrink can be your own personal financial advisor. Moreover, BillShrink business credit cards are a businessman's partner in maximizing earnings. Check it out, and you might just find your own ways of shrinking your everyday bills!