Starting young on books

At two years old, my daughter has already accumulated this many books. I'm proud to say that at such a young age, she has learned to love reading or being read to. Her favorite is the classic story of Cinderella, maybe an all-time favorite fairy tale of every little girl. But even if she still cannot read properly, she enjoys just looking at the pictures and identifying the objects in it. We put her books near her bed, within her grasp, so that she could easily reach on one whenever she wants. She often wakes us up in the mornings to ask mommy or daddy to read her a book. I hope she continues her love for books until she grows older.

How about your children, what do they love to read?

Happy Hearts' Day

Just want to send my love greetings to my blogger friends.



C's Anecdotes =)

Here are some of my little girl's ('C') anecdotes, which bring so much fun and laughter to our home, and true happiness to our hearts! :)

C before a meal:

C puts her palms together, ready to say a prayer.
C: "Mommy, pray!" [of course, I oblige..hehehe]
While eating:

C to her yaya: "Ate Beyen, shue." [asking for tissue...sosy anak ko, gusto laging may tissue pag kumakain...hay...]
After meal:

C to her yaya: "Ate Beyen, cold." [referring to cold water...naku, bata pa lang, demanding na! hehe]
C's afternoon routine:

Mommy: C, what do we do after eating lunch?
C: brush teeth.
Mommy: Then what?
C: Bath.
Mommy: Yes, take a bath. Then?
C: Milk and sleep [afternoon nap].... Mommy, FM!!! [that's how she calls SM...hahaha :D, mahilig mamasyal ang baby, mana sa mommy..hehehe]
C's bedtime prayer: [note: bulol pa sa L..hehehe]

"Bro [ayaw talaga ng Papa Jesus...Bro daw...hay...], pyease byess mommy, daddy, yoya, yoyo, bo [for her Tito Dambo], ate Tintin [her favorite playmate/cousin], te Beyen [her yaya], te Nanie [helper]. Thank you."
C's Alphabet Song: [singing along with mommy]

A,B,C,D,E,Eph,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,Eth,T,U,V,Dew,Es,Y, and Z
C counting: [with mom's guidance]

One, Two, Tree, Por, ..., ..., Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!!! Yehey!!! [sabay clap hands]

Girls and Dresses

One of the things I love most about having a daughter is dressing her up. It gives me pure pleasure shopping for clothes for my little darling, and even more happiness putting the clothes on her. It somehow brings me back to my younger years of dressing up my Barbie dolls. Oh, what simple joy! =)

When I was a young child, I remember I used to really love wearing dresses. I guess I was really the girly-type. I look forward to occasions when I could wear my beautiful clothes. I remember looking forward to Sunday Masses, as they were opportunities for me to wear my nice dresses. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of my younger years with me now, so I couldn't post pictures of how I looked when I was a little girl.

Anyway, I came upon this Children's Clothing Timeline.

History of Children’s Clothing

How informative! I enjoyed looking at how children's fashion has changed throughout the years. Or maybe, it's more proper to use the term "evolve" instead of "change", as I've noticed how fashion from past decades are just revived with a slight revision on style or colors. I especially liked the 50's look, very feminine and oh-so-pretty! :)

With all these beautiful dresses in the market today, don't you just love being a girl? :)

And then there's Cherry...

This one is my hubby's birthday gift.
Ain't I lucky? =)

Meet Violet

Meet Violet, my new Sony VAIO laptop, a birthday gift from my mother. =)