Amoroma: Italian Restaurant in Tagaytay

I'm a fan of Italian food. Bring me to an Italian restaurant, and I'm floating on air! Bring me to Amoroma, the restaurant that serves authentic Italian food in Tagaytay, and I'm in Heaven! :)

Being just 30 minutes away from home, I always enjoy day trips to Tagaytay.  No traffic, nice & cool weather, great views, and good food! So, during our recent trip to Tagaytay, I thought of trying out something new (we're always either at Taal Vista hotel or Josephine's or Leslie's).  I'm thankful one of my Google searches led me to Amoroma. 

This cozy room and the smell of fresh dough was a pleasant welcome.  The tablecloths are very apt for an Italian resto.

There's a big glass refrigerator that contains wine bottles, pasta, fresh vegetables, and various sausages.

While waiting for our orders, little C enjoyed watching the chefs cook pizza.

First on our table:  Bread basket and dips. I loved the smell of the fresh focaccia bread, and the crunch as I bite into it.

C loved dipping the bread into this: Balsamic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Paremesan cheese. yum!!!

Hubby chose this pizza with Italian sausage and red onion.

The pizza was perfect with chili oil!

I so loved this pasta dish!!! This is the Tortelli ai Formaggi: cheese stuffed pasta in classic Pomodoro e Basilico sauce. Delizioso!!!

So full after that delicious lunch!!! It was truly a feast for our tummies!!!

But, wait, there's more! Now, a feast for our eyes! Look at this ceiling by the staircase going to the back door (we parked our car at the back of the resto).

And what cute angels!

I'll be sure to come back for more Italian goodness!!! :)