Family time at Tagaytay Picnic Grove

Last Sunday was my 30th birthday, and what better way to celebrate it than to spend some quality time with my family!

We were supposed to have lunch at Bag of Beans in Tagaytay, but we can't seem to find the place, so we decided to look for other restaurants in the area. We tried Antonio's Grill and Dencio's, but both restaurants were fully-packed. I don't know why, on that particular day, there were just too many people out for lunch! We didn't want to wait very long to be able to eat lunch, as we were also hungry already, so we ended up eating at Pancake House instead. Then we ordered Pizza at Carlo's Pizza and Pasta for our picnic, and off we went to the Picnic Grove.

It was a cold afternoon at Picnic Grove. There were plenty of people around, and lots of kids flying kites with their daddies. Our daughter had a great time just walking around and playing with us. We had pizza, spaghetti, chicken, cake, chips, and softdrinks for the picnic. By sunset, we were off back home.

It was indeed a very cold and very fun family day out! :)

Tagaytay Picnic Grove is located at Brgy. Sungay, East-end of Tagaytay City in Cavite. It's just about an hour drive south of Manila. :)


30 Things to be thankful for at 30!

I recently turned 30.

At 30, I list below 30 things that I am most thankful for in my life.

1. A loving and supportive husband.
2. A cute and sweet daughter.
3. The love and guidance of my parents and siblings.
4. The company of good, fun-loving friends.
5. Good health for me and the people I love.
6. Being a mother.
7. Being a wife.
Being a stay-at-home-mom and housewife.
9. The privilege of not having to work for a living.
10. Being able to cook good food for my family.
11. A nice, cozy home.
12. Quality time with my family.
13. Travels abroad.
14. Trips to beautiful places in the Philippines.
Having experienced working for a good multi-national company.
16. Toys that help keep my daughter still (even for just a few minutes).
17. Yaya who helps me watch over my very active child.
18. My favorite songs that make even my heart sing.
19. Movie time with my hubby (which has become a luxury since our child was born).
20. Parlors to keep me beautiful. :)
21. Spas to help me relax.
22. TV to keep me entertained.
23. Internet to keep me connected with relatives and friends.
24. Multiply - an outlet for me to "brag" about my daughter through pictures... hehe. :)
25. Blog - gives me my personal "me" time :)
26. Digital camera to capture my daughter's milestones.
27. Our ever-reliable VIOS, that makes traveling so much more easier.
28. The chance to know and befriend new people through my part-time online job.
29. Comfort food that lifts me up.
30. Last, but definitely not the least, the unconditional love of God. He is not just my Creator. He's my Father, my Saviour, my Friend, and my Provider. I thank Him for these 30 things, and more! To Him be all the glory!


How to find the "Best Job in the World"

Want to know what is the best job in the world?
The Australian Tourism Department has launched a world-wide job opening in search for a caretaker of the Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

Why would you want this job, you say?
Well, first off, who wouldn't want to earn $100,000 and relax on this beautiful island?
And wouldn't you enjoy living in a three-bedroom beach property with your own private pool?
Other perks, among many others, include free airfares to and from your country of origin, computer, and camera gear.

What's the catch?
There's no catch! Really! It may sound too good to be true, but it is true!
The responsibilities of the said caretaker are just to stroll the beach, explore the island, snorkel the reefs, and report weekly about what's going on in the island through blogs, photo diaries, video updates, and media interviews.

What are they looking for?
Don't worry about passing your transcript of records, as there are no academic qualifications required. They only require that you love the sea, the sun, and the sand, enjoy snorkeling, a good swimmer, and have good communication skills.

The big question now is how do you apply?
Here's the official website:

Hurry! Application ends on February 22, 2009.


More of Hannah Ysabelle Cordoviz

We recently visited baby Hannah and her parents.
I can't get enough of Hannah! She's such a darling! =)
She smiles a lot...a truly happy baby, you wouldn't think she's suffering from a rare disease called CCHS. Even my own daughter got envious when I tried to embrace Hannah and told her that I love her.

Anyway, know more about Hannah, CCHS, and her Rosaries through the various TV programs that have featured her story. Below are the links. Please help us pray for Hannah and her wonderful, inspiring family.

1. GMA 7's Emergency December 5, 2008 Episode

2. QTV 11's The Beat December 29, 2008 Episode
3. TV 5's I Am Ninoy December 30, 2008 Episode
4. ABS-CBN's Wonder Mom January 10, 2009 Episode


10 Long Weekends to look forward to in 2009! The Official 2009 Philippine Holidays

1. April 4-6: April 6, Monday, is declared a holiday in lieu of April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan, which falls on a Thursday.
2. April 9-12: Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday.
3. May 1-3: May 1, Friday, is Labor Day.
4. June 12-14: June 12, Friday, is Philippine Independence Day.
5. August 21-23: August 21, Friday, is Ninoy Aquino Day.
6. August 29-31: August 31, Monday, is National Heroes Day.
7. October 31-November 2: November 2, Monday, is declared as a special non-working holiday; it is the day after All Saints' Day, November 1.
8. November 28-30: November 30, Monday, is Bonifacio Day.
9. December 24-27: December 24, Thursday, is a special non-working holiday as it is the day before Christmas, December 25.
10. December 30-January 3, 2010: December 30, Wednesday, is Rizal Day. December 31, Thursday is a special non-working holiday as it is the last day of the year. And January 1, 2010, Friday, is New Year's Day.


I'm back! =)

Happy New Year, everyone! =)

I'm back from my long Christmas break. I had a great time celebrating the holidays with my family, relatives, and friends. It was a holiday filled with laughter, overflowing with delicious food, and full of warmth and love. Hope you all had a great vacation, too! :)

Cheers to a blessed, peaceful, and successful 2009 for all of us!