30 Things to be thankful for at 30!

I recently turned 30.

At 30, I list below 30 things that I am most thankful for in my life.

1. A loving and supportive husband.
2. A cute and sweet daughter.
3. The love and guidance of my parents and siblings.
4. The company of good, fun-loving friends.
5. Good health for me and the people I love.
6. Being a mother.
7. Being a wife.
Being a stay-at-home-mom and housewife.
9. The privilege of not having to work for a living.
10. Being able to cook good food for my family.
11. A nice, cozy home.
12. Quality time with my family.
13. Travels abroad.
14. Trips to beautiful places in the Philippines.
Having experienced working for a good multi-national company.
16. Toys that help keep my daughter still (even for just a few minutes).
17. Yaya who helps me watch over my very active child.
18. My favorite songs that make even my heart sing.
19. Movie time with my hubby (which has become a luxury since our child was born).
20. Parlors to keep me beautiful. :)
21. Spas to help me relax.
22. TV to keep me entertained.
23. Internet to keep me connected with relatives and friends.
24. Multiply - an outlet for me to "brag" about my daughter through pictures... hehe. :)
25. Blog - gives me my personal "me" time :)
26. Digital camera to capture my daughter's milestones.
27. Our ever-reliable VIOS, that makes traveling so much more easier.
28. The chance to know and befriend new people through my part-time online job.
29. Comfort food that lifts me up.
30. Last, but definitely not the least, the unconditional love of God. He is not just my Creator. He's my Father, my Saviour, my Friend, and my Provider. I thank Him for these 30 things, and more! To Him be all the glory!


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