More of Hannah Ysabelle Cordoviz

We recently visited baby Hannah and her parents.
I can't get enough of Hannah! She's such a darling! =)
She smiles a lot...a truly happy baby, you wouldn't think she's suffering from a rare disease called CCHS. Even my own daughter got envious when I tried to embrace Hannah and told her that I love her.

Anyway, know more about Hannah, CCHS, and her Rosaries through the various TV programs that have featured her story. Below are the links. Please help us pray for Hannah and her wonderful, inspiring family.

1. GMA 7's Emergency December 5, 2008 Episode

2. QTV 11's The Beat December 29, 2008 Episode
3. TV 5's I Am Ninoy December 30, 2008 Episode
4. ABS-CBN's Wonder Mom January 10, 2009 Episode



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