Craving for The Original Buko Pie!

When we were invited to an out-of-town trip to Pansol in Calamba, Laguna (famous for its numerous hot spring resorts), I immediately Googled directions to the Orient bakeshop in Los Banos (very near Pansol) that sells the ever-famous The Original Buko Pie.  I was craving for it for days, until the day of our trip.  After a fun day at the resort, we headed for Los Banos to satisfy my craving.  Soon enough, we were there, but as I expected, there was already a long line of customers waiting for their turn at the counter.  I fell in line and waited.... and waited.... and waited!  I must have stood in line for more than 30 minutes, but not the least bit tired, nor bored.  The jeepneys and buses passing by, as well as the numerous vendors and the other people in line kept me entertained. :)  

Counting the people still ahead of me...

Tempting, with the scorching heat, but I wasn't too sure if it was safe and clean...

One of the many street vendors selling "Kesong Puti" (White Cheese).  I love kesong puti, but I had to resist buying from them because I knew kesong puti was supposed to be kept cold and refrigerated.  These vendors were selling them in plastic bags under the heat of the sun.  I bought one at the Orient store.  It goes very well with Pan de sal. :-)

Getting nearer... I can already see these boxes of buko pie :-)

Waiting for my turn at the counter to order those famous buko pies!

Read:  The line ends way over there... it's actually by the road won't miss it, there's still so many  people there also waiting for their turn....hehehe... ;-)

Their prices

Finally! My turn!!! 

This hot mocha frap goes well with The Original Buko Pie! :)

This is it!!!


Creamy filling

I bought 3 boxes of The Original Buko Pie at P150/box, 1 Fresh Cow's Milk at P70, 1 Kesong Puti/White Cheese at P70, and 2 Espasols at P16 each.  My total bill: P622! Not bad! ;-)