Starbucks Planner 2012

I'm ready to plan my 2012 with my new Starbucks planner! Yippee!!! =)

I've been a Starbucks planner user since 2009.

This is the 2010 Starbucks planner.

I especially liked the design for the 2011 Starbucks planner.

And for the 2012 Starbucks planner, they've added a sleeve that's sleek and very useful (could be a mini bag organizer, too! hehe ;) ).

 Also, the bookmark is different and extremely cute!

These are the bookmarks from the previous years.


It's also smaller compared to the previous years.

Now, this is a good start for a wonderful new year! :)

Happy holidays!

Colorful Christmas Wrappers

One of my simple joys: cute and colorful gift wrappers! :)

These are all from SM's free gift-wrapping service. So many to choose from!

The polka-dots design comes in different colors:


There's another polka-dot design that's multi-colored like the stars design below. This design is cute for the little kids:

And I think there's a couple more designs available that I didn't get to choose.

As for my non-SM purchased gifts, there's plenty more gift wrapping designs available at the bookstores. Now, on to wrapping my gifts. Merry Christmas! =)

Greenhills shopping

Because Christmas is nearing, our family decided to do some Christmas shopping at Greenhills last weekend. As expected, there was traffic everywhere (we spent 2 hours traveling from Alabang to Greenhills... super traffic in EDSA!), and the tiangges are jam-packed with shoppers!  But that's ok, I still had fun shopping! hehehe :)

Finally! After 2 hours of traffic!

 Here we come! =)

Just some of the stuffs we bought:  
A cute watch for C.  Got it for P130.

Box for 4 watches for P450

Leggings for me :) for P150

Shorts for hubby for P350

Jacket for C (purple's her favorite color) for P300

Warmer leggings for C for our upcoming trip to HK :) for P250

Jeans for C w/ wool lining also for our trip to HK for P300

It was already dark when we finished shopping, but there were still many cars parked!

Christmas is in the air!

I hear Christmas songs on the radio.
The TV networks have started showing their Christmas station IDs.
The nights seem longer and colder.
Christmas is definitely in the air!

And so, I put out some ornaments...

Christmas balls are everywhere...

He's here!  Making THE list, and checking it twice!

Hoping my little girl is NOT naughty but nice! =)

And certainly, it's Christmas in the malls!

Here's wishing everyone happy days awaiting Christmas! =)

All that drama!

I, like most other Filipinos now, am slightly "amused" with the telenovela-like CGMA-DOJ-SC drama that has been in the news this week. Truly, it was an "amazing race", and so-to-speak "may the best man/woman win!".  And so, maybe, this first round is clearly a win for the DOJ/Malacanang, with yesterday's warrant being served to CGMA who is still at the St.Luke's hospital, thus, barring her from departing our country. Therefore, definitely no more question about the legality of DOJ's Watch List Order vs. the Supreme Court's TRO.  I am definitely not an expert in political matters, but with all due respect, and in my humble opinion, this is not merely a political matter or a battle between PNoy and the Arroyos.  It is, in the bigger picture, truly a fight between good and evil.  In simplest terms, it's just a matter of finding out the truth, rewarding the good, and punishing the evil.  I just hope that all this drama will end like most teleseryes do.  That the good triumphs over evil... and the "bida" lives happily ever after!

Just my two-cents worth.  Happy weekend! :)

Birthday Feast

We celebrated hubby's birthday at home while watching the Pacquiao-Marquez fight last Sunday (yes, that controversial fight!).  I was busy preparing lunch while everyone else was glued to the TV.  Thanks to our Mayor and Congressman who own the local cable provider, we had free live telecast of the fight (yipee!).  

Anyway, we had a sort-of-international-buffet-style lunch feast for hubby's birthday.  It actually reminded me of an old childhood game that goes "Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Negro".  hehehe :P

Chinese: Siomai

Japanese: Maki

Filipino: Pancit Bihon

Negro: Triple chocolate cake from Red Ribbon ... hehehe :D


My mother-in-law recently came back from a trip to the USA and one of her "pasalubong"s for C is this cute Tinkerbell toy that lights up when a button is pushed.  My daughter loves to play with it so much so that even I couldn't help but marvel at its beauty. What simple joy!  How I wish I could be Tink for a day and fly high up in the sky, gazing at the beauty of the world below me.