Greenhills shopping

Because Christmas is nearing, our family decided to do some Christmas shopping at Greenhills last weekend. As expected, there was traffic everywhere (we spent 2 hours traveling from Alabang to Greenhills... super traffic in EDSA!), and the tiangges are jam-packed with shoppers!  But that's ok, I still had fun shopping! hehehe :)

Finally! After 2 hours of traffic!

 Here we come! =)

Just some of the stuffs we bought:  
A cute watch for C.  Got it for P130.

Box for 4 watches for P450

Leggings for me :) for P150

Shorts for hubby for P350

Jacket for C (purple's her favorite color) for P300

Warmer leggings for C for our upcoming trip to HK :) for P250

Jeans for C w/ wool lining also for our trip to HK for P300

It was already dark when we finished shopping, but there were still many cars parked!

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  1. Uy dami mo napamili at mag ho Hongkong pala kayo! Nice! Kami ewan kung matuloy sa Singapore next year. Nagbabalak pa lang.