Hidden Mickeys

I'm still not over our Disneyland experience, so pardon me for these photo overload ;).  Well, it isn't Disneyland without Disney's most famous character:  Mickey Mouse!!! It was fun spotting the hidden and sometimes, not-so-hidden ;) Mickeys all over the place! Can you spot Mickey?

There's Mickey greeting us by the entrance!

 Mickey and Minnie afloat!

Spot the hidden Mickey!

Mickey's train

Golden Mickey!

Loved this train!

Too cute to not notice! ;)

The details in this train make riding in it yet another experience!

Minnie Mouse!!!

Found you, Mickey!

Disneyland Resort Station

It must be hard to maintain this flower arrangement!

Delicious and cute! :-)

Can't get enough of Mickey!

New Year's Eve Street Party in TST, Hong Kong

Just want to share these pics from our New Year's Eve Street Party in TST, Hong Kong. 

Look at the hoards of people on the streets waiting for midnight!

We were here!

Happy New Year!!! =)

A Magical New Year

Remember I said that my new year celebration is "another story"? ;)  Well, here it is!  This is our magical new year's eve celebration... at one of the happiest places on Earth! =)

Christmas bits and pieces

The past couple of weeks were just too hectic that it's only now that I'm able to blog again. Sorry for this late post. These are just bits and pieces of my Christmas holiday.  My new year celebration is another story ;). 

The Christmas season is all about reunions and parties...

Christmas is definitely family time...

And it isn't Christmas without the Tree...

the Angels...

the Santas that come in different shapes and sizes...

and of course, Christmas is The Nativity...

because He is the reason for this season!

Hope you had a great and meaningful Christmas!