Facebook addict

Are you a Facebook addict?

I think I've started to become one.

Hmm...I wonder how it happened, in just around 3 months, I've become addicted to this social networking site. To think that for the longest time, I didn't want to create an account! Only to my sister-in-law's non-stop prodding that I finally gave in. I said, oh, what the heck, just create an account, and let it be. But, lo and behold, much as I don't want to admit it, I am now officially hooked!

I actually don't use it to upload my photos (I like Multiply better in terms of photo-sharing), more so neither for Mafia Wars, nor for FarmVille, Farm Town, or whatever form of farming, nor for any other application whatsoever (no offense to those who enjoy these games...they might be really fun, I just haven't started learning them yet... I'm afraid I might get more addicted to Facebook if I try any of these games.. LOL :) ). I mostly log on to it to check out on my friends' status. I was initially overwhelmed knowing that I have a lot of friends already in Facebook, from my long-lost childhood friends, to my old neighbors, to my high school classmates, to relatives I haven't seen for the longest time, to my former teachers and professors, and the list goes on and on. The "chismosa" in me got me spending hours just looking at what's going on in other people's lives.

I don't know how to describe it. Maybe Facebook just has a certain magic that creates the illusion that we are never alone, that each one of us is connected in one way or another. As they say, we are all just six degrees of separation apart. Who knows, maybe you who are reading this right now, might just be my second cousin's husband's high school teacher's neighbor's friend. He..he.. ;)

Rain, rain, go away...

The past weekend hasn't been a great one, at least not for most Filipinos.
While I am very thankful that my family and friends are all safe, I continue to pray for the victims of the heavy rains and floods. I pray that those who are still out in the cold will remain steadfast and strong. I pray that those who lost their homes and especially those who lost their loved ones will keep their Faith. I pray that the spirit of Bayanihan will continue to ignite in all of us.

Anyway, this is a picture of my daughter looking out the door, hoping for the rain to stop. At her young age, she may not yet have an idea of what's really happening outside our home. For her, it's just a sad day because it's raining very hard and so she couldn't go out to play.

If only life is as simple as that.

A Rainy Afternoon at Bag of Beans

This is an entry for Sassy Mom's Photobucket.
Also wishing her a very happy birthday! =)

It was very hot yesterday afternoon, so we thought it would be nice to visit nearby Tagaytay. We've always wanted to try Bag of Beans Bakery and Coffee shop th
ere. While on our way to Tagaytay, rain started to flow, which turned into a heavy downpour. Oh, geez! But the heavy rains did not dampen our spirits. We were still headed to Bag of Beans. Luck was still on our side, as the rain stopped just in time when we reached the coffee shop! Yey! =)

Bag of Beans is a small shop along Tagaytay's main highway, just past Mendez crossing. One would not easily see it, except for the many vehicles parked in front of the shop. It has a small bakeshop, and down a few flight of stairs, amidst the green gardens, is the dining area for dine-in customers. There are small cabanas for a more private gathering. We stayed inside one of the indoor dining areas (there are also outdoor dining areas, but since it just rained, the tables were all wet). Hubby ordered bottomless House Blend Coffee. I ordered Mocha Frappe. Yaya ordered a single serving of the House Blend Coffee, too. We had Cinnamon and Raisin Bread (yummy, a must-try!) for everyone, and Blueberry Cheesecake for the 'little one'.

House Blend Coffee
(according to hubby & yaya, bitter in taste)

Mocha Frappe
(ok, but personally, I like Starbucks' version better)

Cinnamon & Raisin Bread
(so yummy! we took home the unfinished half loaf and it was still delicious the morning after! )

Blueberry Cheesecake
(nothing special, but not that bad, either)

Though it was a rainy afternoon, we still had a nice, relaxing time in Tagaytay. :)

The Countdown Begins

Christmas is just around the corner!
Countdown begins NOW!

It's just 100 days before Christmas! =)

Just checking in...

I haven't been able to blog for quite a while since I've been busy managing our household, taking care of my hubby and our baby, and doing online tutoring. Plus lately we've been always on the road, going places, with lots of family celebrations this month. But don't worry, I'll be back soon, sharing with you stories from my recent activities. :)

Hope all is well with all my blogger friends. :)