Happy Father's Day!

To my dearest hubby, the best daddy in the whole world,
To my Papa who has my utmost respect and admiration,
To my father-in-law who treats me like his own daughter,
To my brother who is generous and kind,

And to all others who are blessed to be called a father,
This is just a short note to let you know that you are special!
It may be easy to have a child, but it sure isn't easy being a father.

Today is NOT YET Father's Day...

... But no worries! Anyway, any day of the year can be a special day for Dad, but just to correct the misconception, the Philippines celebrates Father's Day this year on June 21.

My tita texted my husband early this morning to greet him "Happy Father's Day". I replied to correct her that Father's Day is still next week, but thanked her nonetheless for the early greeting. :)

Maybe a lot of people thought that today was Father's Day because of all the hype in TV, plus the fact that June 1, 2009 fell on a Monday (not a Sunday), making June 14 (today) just the second Sunday of June. Father's Day have always been celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June, which falls on June 21 this year. :)

When is Father's Day in the Philippines?

Lately I've been noticing TV programs advertising about Father's Day, which made me worry if it's going to be this Sunday already!

Waaah... I still don't have anything planned out for this special day! So to keep my sanity, the first thing I did was to search Google to check the exact date of Father's Day in the Philippines this year, and to my delight, I learned that I still have some time to prepare a special activity for Father's Day.

So, for all of you wondering when Father's Day is, it'll be on June 21, 2009 -- the 3rd Sunday of June.
Yey! Now we all can start thinking about what to do then. Happy planning! :)