When is Father's Day in the Philippines?

Lately I've been noticing TV programs advertising about Father's Day, which made me worry if it's going to be this Sunday already!

Waaah... I still don't have anything planned out for this special day! So to keep my sanity, the first thing I did was to search Google to check the exact date of Father's Day in the Philippines this year, and to my delight, I learned that I still have some time to prepare a special activity for Father's Day.

So, for all of you wondering when Father's Day is, it'll be on June 21, 2009 -- the 3rd Sunday of June.
Yey! Now we all can start thinking about what to do then. Happy planning! :)


  1. I still don't know what the little will get for Dad. Hubby and I do the Father's Day & Mother's Day brouhaha for the little one. She likes to celebrate any occasion....kahit earth day.

    Musta na Mommy? Have a great weekend ahead.


  2. Katuwa naman ng anak mo.. hehe.. :) I, too, try to make any occasion fun & memorable for my loved-ones. :) Thanks, J, enjoy your weekend too! :)

  3. Nakaisip ka na ba ng ireregalo mo sa hubby mo? Looking forward sa special activity nyo this coming father's day! Have a great week!

  4. i also did the same thing...my brother thought that "father's day" will be tomorrow so what i did was to research the exact date of "father's day" and found out it's on the 3rd of june... ;-)

  5. hello! i'm panicking about father's day also, because like you, i googled the date of father's day here in the philippines, and found out it's still on the 21st, but how come mos newspapers today are sayin that it's father's day today? shall i greet my dad? don't have a gift for hi yet...:'(

  6. Sorry I can't post here my gift for my hubby (he reads my blog eh). Basta simple lang, but something that I'm sure he'll love. :)