New Years Resolution : Save Money in 2010

2009 is coming to an end, and as we welcome in 2010, let's be thankful for the blessings of the past year and welcome in a brand new year of more blessings, greater opportunities, success, and wealth!

So, after all the holiday expenses, it is just but fitting to start 2010 with a resolution to save money. Here are just a few of my suggestions on how mommies like me can do just that. :)

1. Make a grocery list, and stick to it.
It is always wise to make a grocery list before heading on to the supermarket. That way, you are focused on buying only what's on your list. It is also good practice to schedule your trips to the grocery. Try to schedule it for example an hour before your scheduled time to pick up your child from school. This way, you are time-constrained and do not dilly-dally inside the grocery store (more time inside the store tempts one to buy more than what's needed). Aside from money, you also save time and car gasoline. Oh, and by the way, get those coupon codes for even more savings!

2. Cook at home.
It is much cheaper to cook meals at home than to eat out at restaurants or order from fast-food chains. It is a healthier option, too! :)

3. Iron clothes once a week or twice a month only.
Schedule ironing of clothes to just once a week or twice a month only, so that you can save on electricity costs.

4. Go green. Recycle.
Instead of buying garbage bags for your trash cans, recycle used plastic bags from the grocery.

5. And the best advice I can give: Save first!
Once you get your family's monthly income, immediately put at least 10% of the total amount to your savings (if you can afford to save more than 10%, much better!). Then, budget what's left for your daily expenses. This way, you are sure to save some amount monthly. Try to think of it as an "expense". Once you've put it in your savings account, forget about it and make do with what's left. Then you are not tempted to buy unnecessary things and you are able to save up for something more important like your child's education, your health, or your house/car insurance.

These are just some simple ways on saving money this coming year.
Want more tips? Check out 30 Ways to Save Money.

I wish you all a year full of peace, happiness, and prosperity!

Happy New Year, everyone! =)

Holiday greetings

Knowing I'll be too busy the next couple of days, I'm sending an advanced holiday greeting to all my online buddies. Wishing you all a blessed Christmas! May it be filled with peace, love, and happiness!

I've been busy...

Here's what's keeping me busy these days...

making a list,
checking it twice,

and more shopping!
then, wrapping,
.... and still wrapping!
Oh, no! Only 7 days to go before Christmas!!!
Gotta finish soon!

Here are just some of the wrapped presents... still a lot m
ore to go! Wish me luck! :)