A Song for Papa

My father died in 2006.
Sadly, he did not get the chance to see my daughter, his grandchild.
I'm sure he would have loved to play with her and cuddle her in his arms.
Now that I am a parent myself, I am more grateful to my parents for bringing me up well.
Now that I know by personal experience how hard parenting can be, I salute my parents for their patience, hard work, care, and love towards us.

As All Souls' Day comes near, I think it is fitting to pay tribute to my Papa with his favorite song.
May God bless his soul.

Skyline Pigeon

Music by Elton JohnLyrics by Bernie Taupin
Turn me loose from your hands
Let me fly to distant lands
Over green fields, trees and mountains
Flowers and forest fountains
Home along the lanes of the skyway

For this dark and lonely room
Projects a shadow cast in gloom
And my eyes are mirrors
Of the world outside
Thinking of the way
That the wind can turn the tide
And these shadows turnFrom purple into grey
For just a Skyline Pigeon
Dreaming of the open
Waiting for the day
He can spread his wings
And fly away again
Fly away skyline pigeon fly
Towards the dreamsYou've left so very far behind
Just let me wake up in the morning
To the smell of new mown hay
To laugh and cry, to live and dieIn the brightness of my day
I want to hear the pealing bells
Of distant churches sing
But most of all please free me
From this aching metal ring
And open out this cage towards the sun


Cute Halloween Costumes

Just want to share some very cute Halloween costumes I found at Amazon.com.

Happy Trick or Treating!


History of Halloween

Like many other holidays, Halloween has evolved and changed throughout history. Over 2,000 years ago people called the Celts lived in what is now Ireland, the UK, and parts of Northern France. November 1 was their New Year's Day. They believed that the night before the New Year (October 31) was a time when the living and the dead came together.

More than a thousand years ago the Christian church named November 1 All Saints Day (also called All Hallows.) This was a special holy day to honor the saints and other people who died for their religion. The night before All Hallows was called Hallows Eve. Later the name was changed to Halloween.

Like the Celts, the Europeans of that time also believed that the spirits of the dead would visit the earth on Halloween. They worried that evil spirits would cause problems or hurt them. So on that night people wore costumes that looked like ghosts or other evil creatures. They thought if they dressed like that, the spirits would think they were also dead and not harm them.

The tradition of Halloween was carried to America by the immigrating Europeans. Some of the traditions changed a little, though. For example, on Halloween in Europe some people would carry lanterns made from turnips. In America, pumpkins were more common. So people began putting candles inside them and using them as lanterns. That is why you see Jack 'o lanterns today.

These days Halloween is not usually considered a religious holiday. It is primarily a fun day for children. Children dress up in costumes like people did a thousand years ago. But instead of worrying about evil spirits, they go from house to house. They knock on doors and say "trick or treat." The owner of each house gives candy or something special to each trick or treater.

* Source:
5 Minute English (www.5minuteenglish.com)
Copyright © 2003-2005 Oakseed Enterprises. All rights reserved.


My blog signature

I am trying to create a signature for my blog.

What do you think of this?

Rosaries for Hannah

Baby Hannah Ysabelle was born on August 14, 2007 with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS). In lay-man's terms, it means that she can hardly breathe when she's awake and don't breathe at all when asleep. This syndrome occurs only in about 1 out of every 1 million newborns. Baby Hannah's parents, Joan and Carlo, are good friends of our family. Due to the high costs of maintenance needed for baby Hannah, Joan and Carlo are doing all they can to raise funds for baby Hannah's medical needs. It is my hope that this post may reach generous hearts and help baby Hannah by purchasing the Rosaries that mommy Joan made herself.

Do read more about baby Hannah and her Rosaries at this site: http://hannahysabelle.multiply.com/ .

Rosaries for Hannah may be purchased by viewing this link: http://hannahysabelle.multiply.com/photos/album/20/rosaries_for_hannah

Thank you and God speed.

Teething Myths

It is NOT TRUE that teething causes fever, diarrhea, rashes, or vomiting.

I learned this recently from my child's pediatrician.

My daughter ran an on & off fever for 3 days. At first we thought it was because she was growing a new tooth, so we brushed it off and just gave her some paracetamol both for her fever and probably the pain she was experiencing with the new tooth coming out. But when her fever went to as high as 40 degrees celsius, off we rushed to her pediatrician for some advice. And we were surprised to learn that teething actually DOES NOT cause fever! Oh, no!!! Nor does it cause diarrhea, rashes, or vomiting. We learned that our child actually had some viral infection.

So, I hope you learn from my experience. Never brush off a symptom such as fever, especially when it goes beyond 38 degrees celsius. Consult your doctor immediately.

When my child gets sick...

I feel terrible.
I can't sleep at night.
I feel her pain.
Her cries seem endless.
I wish that the nurses and doctors stop poking needles on her soft skin.
I pray that she'll be better soon.
I miss her cheerful disposition, her smile, her laughter.
But I believe she'll be back to her old jolly self soon.
Can't wait to be out of the hospital!

It Isn't Easy Being Parents

Got this from a friend...funny, but sometimes true!

We try to be good parents, but no matter how hard we try, our children never seem to be satisfied. They think we should be better parents. They think we should wear more fashionable clothes, we should drive a newer car, and we should listen to more interesting music. And according to them, we should be more sympathetic when they talk about their problems, we should be friendlier when their friends come to visit, and we should be more understanding when they come home late on Saturday night.

You know, it isn't easy being parents.

Tips on Choosing Your Pediatrician

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the biggest decisions that any parent will have to make. A good referral from relatives and friends will be a great help. Research is important, too. Visit forums in the internet and ask for feedback on pediatricians that you are already considering for your child. Make certain, too, that your doctor is covered under your health card or insurance policy. Make a call to your prospective pediatrician to inquire about clinic hours and whether or not appointments are available. Your pediatrician's availability must coincide with your available schedules too (ex. after office hours or on weekends). Once you've tried a pediatrician, observe how he/she handles his/her patients. It would be good to have a friendly relationship with your pediatrician, so that you won't be embarrassed to ask questions if you have any concerns regarding your child's health. Be sure you know how to reach your pediatrician in emergency cases. If you have any qualms or hesitation on your current pediatrician, it's ok to look around and try a new doctor until you find the perfect one for your child. Remember that your child's health depends on how well you have chosen his/her pediatrician, because the pediatrician is your partner in ensuring the good health and proper development of your child.

We are lucky with our pediatrician now. She is friendly and really loves children. She is available anytime we need her. Some months ago, we had problems with our child's formula milk supply, and our pediatrician was very nice in helping us find the perfect alternative milk for our baby. Read more about it here.

If you're interested to know more about our pediatrician, I'd be glad to refer her to you. Just leave me a message and I’ll tell you more about her.


"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie."

- Tenneva Jordan