A pleasant surprise!

Look what came in the mail today!

Thanks, Firmoo, for the free sunglasses! 8-)

C's Minnie Birthday Party

The past week, I was busy preparing for little C's birthday party.  It was just a simple party with a few of her classmates. Nonetheless, we of course wanted it to be fun and memorable for our little darling. Here are pics from her Minnie-mouse themed party.

Chloe loves Minnie!

She had fun helping mom decorate for the party. :-)

Favors and Prizes

Loot bags

I ordered the cupcakes and made them look like Minnie's ears by adding two Oreos on top :-)

C is 5!

Her birthday cake and cupcakes

Thankful for friends who helped me cook all of these!

I was running late, so I didn't have time to add the marshmallows in. Nonetheless, this was a hit for the kids!

They were all so good, everyone ended up as winners!

The kids had fun pinning Minnie's bow!

Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Mother's Day!

Today I woke up to this: BIG effort from my two loves! A personalized card from little C, and a delicious breakfast from hubby! I'm one happy mommy!!! :-)  Happy mom's day to all the wonderful moms in the world!!! :-)

Movie date: The Avengers

Hubby and I finally got our chance to watch the Avengers when little C went on vacation with the grannies last week.  It was really my hubby who wanted to watch it so much.  I only went because I wanted to take this opportunity to go on a date with him...hehehe... ;-).  I'm glad I did, though! I really enjoyed this movie! I am leaving the details out for the sake of those who haven't seen the film.  But take my word for it, it's worth the long queue! (We watched it on its second week, and there was still a long queue at the theater! We started to line up about an hour before the actual show time.)

Anyway, we also got these Avenger collectibles from Petron. :-)
The Avengers tumblers from Petron

Captain America

Iron Man
Happy weekend!

Little C on Disney Junior-Asia's Birthday Book for May 2012 :-)

We're soooo happy and excited!!! Little C's on TV! ;-)
She made it to Disney Junior-Asia's Birthday Book for May!  Yey!!!!

I've been wanting to do this for the longest time, but each year, I always forget to send an entry.
This year, I almost forgot (again!), and remembered only near the end of March.  You see, entries must be sent 2 months prior to the child's birthday, and only the first 100 entries will be selected.  I am so happy my little C was chosen.  It's an early birthday present for my little girl! :)

If you have kids watching Disney Jr Asia channel, the Birthday Book is randomly shown several times a day throughout the month.  There are about 12 sets of Birthday Book.  My little C is in one of those sets.  We haven't seen her yet on TV (this clip is from YouTube), but I'm certain we will catch her on TV one of these days. :)