Movie date: The Avengers

Hubby and I finally got our chance to watch the Avengers when little C went on vacation with the grannies last week.  It was really my hubby who wanted to watch it so much.  I only went because I wanted to take this opportunity to go on a date with him...hehehe... ;-).  I'm glad I did, though! I really enjoyed this movie! I am leaving the details out for the sake of those who haven't seen the film.  But take my word for it, it's worth the long queue! (We watched it on its second week, and there was still a long queue at the theater! We started to line up about an hour before the actual show time.)

Anyway, we also got these Avenger collectibles from Petron. :-)
The Avengers tumblers from Petron

Captain America

Iron Man
Happy weekend!


  1. Di ko pa napanood yan! Si Ykaie lokong loko kay hulk!

  2. lagi kaming nauubusan nito :)nice to collect, i so envy you XD