Happy Mother's Day!

Today I woke up to this: BIG effort from my two loves! A personalized card from little C, and a delicious breakfast from hubby! I'm one happy mommy!!! :-)  Happy mom's day to all the wonderful moms in the world!!! :-)


  1. How thoughtful and sweet! Happy mother's day!

  2. You're one blessed mother and wife. Your family is so sweet and thoughtful.

    PS: I also sent my kids'pics to Disney Asia's Birthday Book, but they never made it. Sigh. Good to know your kid was featured there. You must be one proud momma then.

    Have a nice week, Chatty!

    1. Thanks, Beth! Happy week, too! How old nga ulit kids mo? The Birthday Book is for kids up to 7 years old, baka pwede mo try ulit next year. :) Naswertehan lang ako kaya thankful and happy for it. :) Thanks! :)