Investing in the Stock Market

It's almost the end of the year, which means Christmas is fast approaching. Who isn't looking forward to Christmas packages, bonuses, and 13th month pays? Wow! Feeling rich soon? ;)

Mall SALEs are everywhere! It's so easy to catch the Sale Fever!

But Wait! Before rushing with the crowd and spending all of your money, why not Stop, Think, and Save before you Splurge.

Been wanting to invest in the stock market but just don't know how to get started? 

photo source: pesosandsense

Bo Sanchez shares with us how! Check out The Truly Rich Club and learn how easy it is to get started! :-)

Now is the best time to start, what with all the extra money you're expecting to receive soon. Put it to good investments and not just throw everything away. You'll be amazed at how much your money will grow till your next bonus! Good luck! :-)

Cute Crocs for the little lady

My daughter is really growing up. She's now more of a little lady than my baby. It's evident on her choices of clothes, bags, accessories, and shoes.  She likes to wear pretty dresses (and hates it when I tell her to wear "just shorts" to the mall). She borrows my small handbags so she can have her own bag when we go out. One time, at the skin care station where I have my facials, the facialist mistook the bag that C was carrying to be MY bag! hahaha :) I told her in jest that my daughter is "kikay" and likes "lady" stuff instead of the kiddie-type bags. :-)  Most of the time, strangers or people we just meet when we're at the mall or in a resto would comment how pretty and lady-like C is.  That's probably because she's wearing a complete set of jewelry: earrings, necklace, bracelet, watch, and ring.  But of course, they're just the fancy ones. ;)  As for her shoes, she also likes wearing sandals (with heels!) and wedges.  While checking the online store of Crocs, I asked her to pick what she wants. I thought she'd like those with cartoon characters like Disney princesses, Mickey mouse, or Hello Kitty. But no! Instead, she picked these. All in her favorite colors of purple and pink. :)  Oh, I really have a little lady now!

This is her first choice. Dainty flats.

These are cute, I think. :)

Even the rubber shoes are dainty! ;-)

*Note: Photos captured from the Crocs website.

My daughter has always loved Crocs because they look and feel good, very comfortable to wear, plus really sturdy, too! Even if she wears her Crocs almost all the time, they still look good and can still be passed on to her younger cousins after she outgrows them. Well, you know how kids' feet really grow fast, and it's time to buy C her new pair of Crocs. :-)

2014 Philippine Holidays

Here's the reason to be merry:  Malacanang has announced the official holidays for 2014!  Time to mark your calendars and plan your vacations :-)

Prayer to Saint Padre Pio

Today, I share with you the Prayer to Saint Padre Pio on his feast day. Thank you, Padre Pio, for interceding for us!

Christmas Wish List

With less than 100 days till Christmas, I'm starting to prepare gifts for relatives and friends. I always make a list of all the people we want to give gifts to. It's our little way of saying "thanks" for their presence in our lives. Of course, at the top of my list are my hubby and our daughter!

So, I'm hoping to get some extra funds the next couple of months so I can buy these for them. :-)

C recently broke her tablet (buti na lang mura lang din yun! hehehe ;)), and she has been openly saying she wants to ask another one from Santa for Christmas. I saw this at Lazada, with good reviews, so I'm thinking maybe this could be the one for her!

Reward for hubby's hard work! :-)

Have you started your own Christmas lists?

Craving for JCo Donuts!

This cold, rainy morning makes me want to eat donuts!
What's your favorite JCo donut? :-)

Have a sweet weekend! :)

Chic cafes at Molito: Designer Blooms Cafe and Le Petit Cheri

I found two chic cafes at the Molito Lifestyle Center in Alabang.  They're the perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the afternoon, whether alone or with your girl friends.

First is the Designer Blooms Cafe.

I've always thought this little shop was just a flower shop, up until a friend suggested we meet up here.  I was in for a nice surprise!  It's not just your usual Designer Blooms flower shop! It's a flower shop and a cafe in one! Such a nice treat, indeed, with all the beautiful flowers surrounding you while you sip coffee or chat with a friend. 


Cute little nook
We spotted Matteo Guidicelli who bought a red rose. I wonder for whom? ^_^

Thumbs up for this great recommendation from the waiter! This lasagna is soooo delicious!!!

I love the colorful timers! Orange for mild, royal blue for medium, sky blue for strong.

Vases of different shapes, colors, and sizes

Little details that make the cafe so cute!

Next up, just a few meters away, is Le Petit Cheri.

The large windows make the cafe bright and airy.  The winding staircase makes one feel like a princess in a fairy tale. But the thing I like most are the large bookshelves with lots of nice books for young and old alike. The next time I'm back, I'll be sure to spend a little more time just to read. :)

My little princess loved going up and down this staircase


And more books!


Dr. Seuss books are always a delight!

The macaron: just a little bit too sweet for my (not-so-sweet) tooth.

The bill came in this cute tray!

I love nutella, but maybe it'll still take me over a year to finish this XXL-sized one! :P

Picture wall
So, the next time you're in the South, why not try these out? I assure you of a wonderful time!  Enjoy! :)

Hello world! I'm back!

I've been busy, oh so busy over the past several months! Obvious, isn't it? It's almost the end of the year and I only have 3 entries for 2013! I can't believe it!!! Well, I hope to catch up in this last quarter.

So, again, Hello World! I'm still here, in case you've missed me. hehehe ;)  I'm back!!! :-)

The Puzzle Mansion: home of the world's largest collection of jigsaw puzzles!

As you may know by now, one of my favorite places to visit is Tagaytay. This time, on a day trip there, we decided to see something new.  The Puzzle Mansion! It recently (Nov 2012) bagged the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles! Wow!!! It's truly amazing! You won't regret visiting this wondrous place! :)

THE Puzzle Queen herself, Ms. Gina Lacuna, gave us a tour of the museum. Her stories about her puzzles are just so amusing! And I love all her trivia! :)

That's Ms. Gina showing off her Eiffel Tower wooden puzzle. We had fun trying to find the objects that Ms. Gina asked us to locate in the puzzle. :)  Try to find the word "Paris", the bottle of wine, the small Eiffel tower, and the girl dancing with one of her feet up.

This is our group during the tour. We were about 20-30 in the group.

Inside is a collection of so many puzzles (more than 1,000) in different forms, shapes, and sizes! 

There are also those of some famous personalities, like our very own president Noynoy Aquino, the late Pope John Paul II, and the beautiful Mona Lisa! 

Some came in the shape of a ball. Fascinating!

These have some parts popping out!

These are puzzles too! In the form of crystals and wood in 3D.

These are amazing! They're 4D puzzles. As the Puzzle Queen puts it, they're "puzzles within a puzzle."

Here is Ms. Gina showing us her very first puzzle some 26 or 27 years ago. She said she made it for her son. How sweet is that! :)

The Guernica by Pablo Picasso. If this were a painting, it would cost billions! But I'm sure Ms. Gina's effort in putting together this puzzle gives her so much more feeling of pride and accomplishment.... something that money can't buy! ;)

Ms. Gina talks about the "Las Hilanderas." She said this is the hardest puzzle she has done so far.

Here Ms. Gina shows us the puzzle that she is currently working on.  It's a 32,000-pc puzzle, which she hopes to finish by July 2013.

That's the puzzle she's working on now, by the lobby near the souvenir shop, and the part that she has finished so far. It's just about 1/8 of the entire puzzle!