The Puzzle Mansion: home of the world's largest collection of jigsaw puzzles!

As you may know by now, one of my favorite places to visit is Tagaytay. This time, on a day trip there, we decided to see something new.  The Puzzle Mansion! It recently (Nov 2012) bagged the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles! Wow!!! It's truly amazing! You won't regret visiting this wondrous place! :)

THE Puzzle Queen herself, Ms. Gina Lacuna, gave us a tour of the museum. Her stories about her puzzles are just so amusing! And I love all her trivia! :)

That's Ms. Gina showing off her Eiffel Tower wooden puzzle. We had fun trying to find the objects that Ms. Gina asked us to locate in the puzzle. :)  Try to find the word "Paris", the bottle of wine, the small Eiffel tower, and the girl dancing with one of her feet up.

This is our group during the tour. We were about 20-30 in the group.

Inside is a collection of so many puzzles (more than 1,000) in different forms, shapes, and sizes! 

There are also those of some famous personalities, like our very own president Noynoy Aquino, the late Pope John Paul II, and the beautiful Mona Lisa! 

Some came in the shape of a ball. Fascinating!

These have some parts popping out!

These are puzzles too! In the form of crystals and wood in 3D.

These are amazing! They're 4D puzzles. As the Puzzle Queen puts it, they're "puzzles within a puzzle."

Here is Ms. Gina showing us her very first puzzle some 26 or 27 years ago. She said she made it for her son. How sweet is that! :)

The Guernica by Pablo Picasso. If this were a painting, it would cost billions! But I'm sure Ms. Gina's effort in putting together this puzzle gives her so much more feeling of pride and accomplishment.... something that money can't buy! ;)

Ms. Gina talks about the "Las Hilanderas." She said this is the hardest puzzle she has done so far.

Here Ms. Gina shows us the puzzle that she is currently working on.  It's a 32,000-pc puzzle, which she hopes to finish by July 2013.

That's the puzzle she's working on now, by the lobby near the souvenir shop, and the part that she has finished so far. It's just about 1/8 of the entire puzzle!

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