2nd Birthday Celebration

As I've previously mentioned here, our little girl has just celebrated her second birthday. She had a blast at Fun Ranch! It was her first time to ride the carousel and she truly enjoyed the train ride. Of course, nothing beats playtime at Active Fun!

Ticket for the rides

Enjoying the carousel ride

Having fun at Active Fun

In the evening, we had a family dinner buffet at Tramway in Timog, where the little one also blew her birthday cake.

Buffet at Tramway

Cookies and Cream with Oreo Birthday Cake

It was indeed a fun, fun day!!!

Flats & Bags

I love flats because they're comfy. Here are some which are just oh so pretty! =)

Flats & Bags

Our little girl is turning 2!

My daughter is turning two in a few days. We won't be having a grand birthday celebration this time. But it'll still be a special day for the little one. Hubby and I decided to make her day fun by taking her back to Fun Ranch. She really enjoyed playing in Active Fun the last time we were there, so we thought it'll be fun to let her have unlimited play there. Then, we'll take her to Jollibee (her favorite!) so that she could eat spaghetti (also her favorite!). Then on the weekend, we'll be inviting relatives and friends over at our house for a small celebration, where the little girl can blow her birthday cake. :)

We already bought her new clothes for her birthday, and the menu is set. So all we have to do really is just to wait for our little princess' 2nd birthday! I, too, can't wait! =)

Which "Desperate Housewife" Are You?

I tried this Desperate Housewife Personality Quiz and my result says that I'm closest to Lynette's character (played by Felicity Huffman).

I don't totally agree. One thing is true, though. Desperate or not, family does comes first!

Want to find out which Desperate Housewife you are?
Check it out here.

Time for change

I'd like to change my blog signature. What do you think of this one?

Mabuti pa ang iba...

Mabuti pa ang cellphone, pwede ma-lowbatt.
Mabuti pa ang PC, may hibernate at shutdown.
Mabuti pa ang ref, paminsan-minsan dine-defrost.
Mabuti pa ang TV, pwedeng i-off.
Mabuti pa ang aircon, may fan mode.
Mabuti pa ang araw, sumisikat at lumulubog.

Eh ang pagiging ina?

Si Nanay di pwedeng ma-lowbatt, laging "on-call".
Si Mama di pwedeng mag-shutdown, bawal magkasakit.
Si Mommy di pwedeng ma-defrost, hindi natutunaw ang lakas.
Si Inay di pwedeng i-off ang pag-aaruga.
Si Mom walang fan mode, laging bumubuga ang pagmamahal.

Mabuti pa ang iba, pwedeng magpahinga.
Ngunit ang pagiging isang ina...
24/7, walang tigil, walang katapusan.

Isang pagpupugay sa iyo, ina, sa araw mo.
Maligayang Araw ng mga Nanay!


5 Fun Things To Do With Mom

Mother's Day means spending quality time with our moms. Here are some fun ideas to make mom feel extra special!

1. Spa galore!
Mom will surely feel even more beautiful and super relaxed after a day at the spa. Join her for a relaxing treat of manicure, pedicure, hand & foot spa, and a full body massage!

2. Breakfast in bed (with a twist).
Surprise mom with a plate of tapsilog and a cup of hot chocolate. Don't forget to add a rose with a note telling her how much you love her! Now, here's the twist, to make it more fun, be ready with a mini-dining table to place inside her room so that you can all have "breakfast in bed" together! =)

3. Shopping, shopping, and more shopping!
What do all women want? SHOPPING!!! Bring mom along and let her pick her Mother's Day gift (set a budget, if needed). Then you could just spend away the day doing some window shopping or strolling in the mall.

4. Movie time!
When was the last time you watched a movie together with mom? This time, let mom pick the movie she wants to see, and watch it together with her. Mom will surely enjoy the movie more with you by her side!

5. Picnic surprise!
Grab your picnic basket! Prepare some food, snacks, and drinks; put in disposable plates, cups, and utensils; and cover with a large blanket. Now you're ready to take mom out for a nice outdoor picnic! (Of course, be sure to look for a nice picnic area beforehand. I recommend picnic grove in Tagaytay. Read more about our recent picnic at Tagaytay picnic grove here).

There's still time to plan on what you'd want to do with mom on Mother's Day! Have fun planning! And even more, enjoy the day with mom! =)


May 10 is Mother's Day: Who started this tradition of honoring moms?

With just a week before Mother's day, I'm thinking of writing several articles this week in preparation for this very special day. As for my first entry on this topic, I am writing about the history of Mother's day.

The modern Mother's day holiday was created by Anna Jarvis in 1912. She also trademarked the phrases "second Sunday in May" and "Mother's Day". Note the position of the apostrophe: it's meant to be a singular possessive, for each family to honor their mother, and not a plural possessive commemorating all mothers in the world.

Jarvis, however, was against the commercialization of this holiday and used all her inheritance and the rest of her life fighting it. She criticized the practice of sending printed greeting cards on Mother's Day, and said that it just shows how lazy people are to write personal letters to their mothers. Jarvis died in poverty, and ironically was never married, nor had any children.

I think however commercialized Mother's Day has become now, almost a century after, it is a day to pay tribute to our mothers. Whether it is a personal letter or a greeting card, a breakfast in bed or a special meal at the restaurant, a store-bought cake or a home-made cookie, a box of chocolates or a hot cup of coffee, a bouquet of roses or a bunch of garden flowers, what's important is making your mother feel loved and special on her day! You can spend a fortune on this day, or a simple "I Love You, Mom" to make her smile...At the end of the day, when you really think about it, "no gift to your mother could ever equal her gift to you - Life!"


Swine Flu Alert: What travelers should do

This past week, swine flu has constantly been in the news. As a mom, I am doubly scared that this virus might reach our country. It is my prayer that it'll be contained soon and victims would soon recover. For those of you planning on taking a trip abroad, or for the balikbayans coming back to the country, here are some reminders from the World Health Organization (WHO) so as to prevent the virus from spreading across countries:

-- Wash hands frequently

-- Avoid contact with sick persons

-- Avoid contact with live animals in markets

-- Consult with doctor before traveling if ill

A more detailed advisory is given in this article:

Please take care, everyone. As a famous local brand says, "mahirap magkasakit", so "Ingat!"