Swine Flu Alert: What travelers should do

This past week, swine flu has constantly been in the news. As a mom, I am doubly scared that this virus might reach our country. It is my prayer that it'll be contained soon and victims would soon recover. For those of you planning on taking a trip abroad, or for the balikbayans coming back to the country, here are some reminders from the World Health Organization (WHO) so as to prevent the virus from spreading across countries:

-- Wash hands frequently

-- Avoid contact with sick persons

-- Avoid contact with live animals in markets

-- Consult with doctor before traveling if ill

A more detailed advisory is given in this article:

Please take care, everyone. As a famous local brand says, "mahirap magkasakit", so "Ingat!"



  1. Great reminders! The swine flu is making me nervous too.

  2. Nakakatakot talaga! Ang dami ng nagkasakit at may namatay na.