Our little girl is turning 2!

My daughter is turning two in a few days. We won't be having a grand birthday celebration this time. But it'll still be a special day for the little one. Hubby and I decided to make her day fun by taking her back to Fun Ranch. She really enjoyed playing in Active Fun the last time we were there, so we thought it'll be fun to let her have unlimited play there. Then, we'll take her to Jollibee (her favorite!) so that she could eat spaghetti (also her favorite!). Then on the weekend, we'll be inviting relatives and friends over at our house for a small celebration, where the little girl can blow her birthday cake. :)

We already bought her new clothes for her birthday, and the menu is set. So all we have to do really is just to wait for our little princess' 2nd birthday! I, too, can't wait! =)

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  1. Advance happy birthday sa daughter mo! I'm sure sobrang saya nya sa araw na yan!