August 21, 2009: Araw ng Dilaw

On August 21, 2009,
Make Ninoy and Cory’s spirit of sacrifice live within you.
Sa Araw ng Dilaw,
Wear something yellow.
Light a yellow candle
to remember Ninoy and Cory’s love for the Filipino.

And if you’re on the road on that day
Keep the flame of Ninoy and Cory burning.
Along with a thousand other cars, switch on your hazard lights from 6pm to 7pm and spread the country’s Yellow Spark far and wide.

The Wonderful Gift of Life

Just recently, we attended two birthday parties that both depict how wonderful life is, whether it is just beginning, or whether it has gone through a lot of happy and sometimes sad memories.

Here is my godson on his
1st birthday: innocent, full of energy, & happy!

And here is my grandmother on her 91st birthday: wise, full of life, & happy!

How great is the Lord for the gift of life, and how wonderful life is with the people we love!

Thank you, Tita Cory!

With one decision, you made a difference.
A change that rocked the world,
Made headlines, and ousted a dictator.

With sheer determination, you gave a chance
For democracy, for freedom.

With a single call, you united a once-divided nation.
You walked the streets, thousands flocked the highways.
You silently prayed, the nation's voice was heard.
You started a fight, the entire Filipino people won.

With your courage, we became strong.
Your Faith gave us hope.
Your generous offering of yourself made us rich.
And even in your weakness, we were united in prayer.

Thank you, Cory, for all that you are,
For the freedom that you fought for,
For the democracy that you won for us,
For the nation that you united.