Starting young on books

At two years old, my daughter has already accumulated this many books. I'm proud to say that at such a young age, she has learned to love reading or being read to. Her favorite is the classic story of Cinderella, maybe an all-time favorite fairy tale of every little girl. But even if she still cannot read properly, she enjoys just looking at the pictures and identifying the objects in it. We put her books near her bed, within her grasp, so that she could easily reach on one whenever she wants. She often wakes us up in the mornings to ask mommy or daddy to read her a book. I hope she continues her love for books until she grows older.

How about your children, what do they love to read?

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  1. Dami naman books ng baby mo. Maganda nga yan at maaga pa lang e mahilig na sya sa books dahil mas maaga sya matututo magbasa. Yung niece ko nga na si Ykaie di pa marunong magbasa pero kabisado na nya yung story at sya na nagkukwento. hehehe!