C's Anecdotes =)

Here are some of my little girl's ('C') anecdotes, which bring so much fun and laughter to our home, and true happiness to our hearts! :)

C before a meal:

C puts her palms together, ready to say a prayer.
C: "Mommy, pray!" [of course, I oblige..hehehe]
While eating:

C to her yaya: "Ate Beyen, shue." [asking for tissue...sosy anak ko, gusto laging may tissue pag kumakain...hay...]
After meal:

C to her yaya: "Ate Beyen, cold." [referring to cold water...naku, bata pa lang, demanding na! hehe]
C's afternoon routine:

Mommy: C, what do we do after eating lunch?
C: brush teeth.
Mommy: Then what?
C: Bath.
Mommy: Yes, take a bath. Then?
C: Milk and sleep [afternoon nap].... Mommy, FM!!! [that's how she calls SM...hahaha :D, mahilig mamasyal ang baby, mana sa mommy..hehehe]
C's bedtime prayer: [note: bulol pa sa L..hehehe]

"Bro [ayaw talaga ng Papa Jesus...Bro daw...hay...], pyease byess mommy, daddy, yoya, yoyo, bo [for her Tito Dambo], ate Tintin [her favorite playmate/cousin], te Beyen [her yaya], te Nanie [helper]. Thank you."
C's Alphabet Song: [singing along with mommy]

A,B,C,D,E,Eph,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,Eth,T,U,V,Dew,Es,Y, and Z
C counting: [with mom's guidance]

One, Two, Tree, Por, ..., ..., Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!!! Yehey!!! [sabay clap hands]


  1. Don't you just love kids at that age? ;) They are so adorable and innocent. Wait 'til they grow up...LOL :)

  2. hehehe! Sobrang kakatuwa naman little girl mo!