Crocs Kids

Mommies out there, please help me choose which one of these Crocs I'd buy for my little darling. The prices are almost the same for each style, and the Crocs brand is well-proven and tested for comfort and durability. So, it all just boils down to the style, really. BUT all are really so cute, I'm having a hard time choosing just one (but I need to, as my budget only allows me to buy one for the little girl). So maybe, you could help me by telling me which style you'd pick if you were to buy one for your little girl. ;) Thanks! =)



Electro Slide

For comparison, I would just like to say that my daughter has already outgrown her Minnie Janes, and has a Dora the Explorer Crocs on-hand (given to her as a gift, but are still too big for her little feet). So, we're kinda looking for a little different style this time. :) Thanks for your help! :)


  1. Hi Mommy! I heard na may grand sale ang Crocs for as low as 90% off. Maybe you're interested. Mega Tent from March 18-2010

  2. Ang cu-cute naman talaga lahat! Type ko yung keeley!