Back-to-school Shopping

While at the mall this weekend, I was surprised to see a lot of people already shopping for school stuffs like socks, camisoles, school bags, lunch boxes, and school shoes.  I thought back-to-school shopping only starts mid-May!  Then again, I realized, why wait for that time when everyone's rushing and lines get really long at the cashier?  So, I decided to do some of the shopping now, along with the "early birds" ;-).

These are some of the things I got for C:

Dora school shoes at 50% off, got it for only P400! :)

Rubber shoes from Payless P700

Black school shoes and Rubber shoes
Barbie lunch kit, ~P300

White camisoles, 3 for P130

Hankies, 3 for P70


  1. Omg!! I just bought Andi the same pair of rubber shoes! Haha!

  2. Talaga, Cecille? wow! :) Mas mura ba dyan? ;)

  3. Mas maganda talaga na maaga mamili kesa makipag siksikan! Cute namn ng shoes and the barbie lunch kit!

  4. great deal ang school shoes na nabili mo. and the rubber shoes is cute. i hope i have a baby girl din :)