Worry-free flights

My friend is off to fly to Belfast, Ireland (flights to Belfast) in a few days. When she told me about it, I had recollections of my previous trips abroad. Some are not-so-nice memories, but most are really wonderful! So, it makes me think…what makes a plane trip fun and stress-free? Here are some of my unsolicited tips on safe, comfortable, and worry-free flights! =)

1. Pack light.
This might be one of the hardest things to do, especially for moms like me. But believe me, when you learn the art of packing light, you’ll see how it makes traveling so much easier. Bring clothes that you can mix and match. Same goes with shoes and accessories. If you can, try to limit your shoes to just two pairs (one pair that you’re already wearing, and the other in your luggage). If you’re staying in a hotel, it might be wise to not bring towels anymore, as they will surely be provided. Rolling clothes are space-savers and prevents them from wrinkling.

2. Buy or better yet, borrow a sturdy luggage.
Checked-in baggage are usually just thrown around (unless declared fragile), so be sure your luggage is sturdy enough.

3. Label your baggage properly.
Make sure you label all your baggage with your name, address, and contact numbers. The labels should be secure and noticeable.

4. Tie a unique and colorful ribbon on your luggage.
This is one nice idea I got from my dad. It is no surprise that your luggage could be exactly the same brand, size, and color with other travelers on the same plane as yours. You could easily distinguish and spot your luggage when there’s a colorful ribbon tied to it. The other travelers also would not mistake it as their own luggage.

5. Weigh your baggage.
Check with your airline the allowed weight for your check-in and hand-carry baggage. Make sure you comply so that you won’t have to pay surcharge fees.

6. Check the time.
Give ample time for travel from your place to the airport so that you arrive at the airport a couple of hours before the check-in time of your flight.

7. Keep necessary documents handy.
Passports, airline tickets, and other important documents should be kept neatly in one easy-to-carry and handy bag/pouch.

8. Check your hand-carry bag.
Make sure you don’t have sharp objects like scissors inside your hand-carry bag. Check the regulations of your airline and destination country, as to what items are prohibited inside your carry-on luggage.

9. Place an extra set of clothes in your hand-carry bag.
This is just for emergency cases, when your flight is delayed and you would have to stay a night in another place, or when you accidentally spill something on your clothes.

10. Dress smart.
Wear comfortable, but presentable clothes and shoes. Dress according to the current weather of your destination country. You don’t want to be arriving in a freezing cold temperature in a tank top.

Bon voyage! =)

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