Road Trip

Our family is always on the road. Most weekends, we spend almost half the time inside our car, on our way someplace to visit a friend or a relative, to attend kiddie parties or family gatherings, or to simply explore a new place or an old-time favorite. Simply put, I can say we are a family of travelers.

I enjoy our family travels, most of the time, but I have to admit that sometimes it's too tiring especially with a toddler along. Our little one just can't stay put while inside the car! She always wants to do something when she's awake (which is more than half the travel time!).

When we go on long trips, my husband always complains that we bring a lot of things (like almost bringing our entire house! hehehe =) ). That's because aside from our personal things, we also have to bring along lots and lots of toys so that our little girl wouldn't be bored along the way.

About 15 minutes on our way, she'll pound on he
r mini-piano, which is really NOT music to our ears..hehehe :). Then, she'll ask mommy to read her a book, which is something I really couldn't stand because it makes me dizzy (so I just tell the story from memory while showing her the pictures from the book). Then she'll ask for something to eat, like peanuts or cookies. Soon after, she'll fall into a short (as in really short!) nap. This is my rest time, and I try to sneak in a few minutes of sleep myself. Before long, the little girl is awake once more, and now even more energetic! So again she asks for something to do. I rummage through her stuffs, and try to look for something to keep the little one busy once more, because if she gets bored, she'll surely have tantrums and that'll definitely be more difficult! When the trip gets really long (especially with the heavy traffic in the Metro), I soon run out of things to do with my precious little one. =(

Luckily, I came across a brilliant idea that will surely help moms like me keep their toddlers happy and busy while on the road. It's
actually a game called Road Trip Bingo.

Here's how the game goes: Everyone playing gets a Bingo card with various items people often see along the road. When you find an item on the card, place a sticker on it. The first person to get Bingo - horizontal, vertical, or across - wins. This game takes up time and makes traveling a lot more fun! I will surely try this one on our next road trip! Why not give it a try, too? Now, every long drive will be fun and exciting, and I wouldn’t have to worry anymore about keeping my little girl busy and happy! =)

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  1. Great idea yang road trip bingo na yan! Thanks for sharing!