93 years!

I am proud to say I have a grandmother who's already 93 years old. I wonder if I'll ever get to that age! And mind you, she's still in good health at her age! My lola has always been a jolly person, one with a smile painted on her lips. I guess that's mostly how she got to her age now. Indeed a happy life is a healthy, long life! =)

Her birthday falls in August, and it's the time of the year that I always look forward to because it also becomes a family reunion of sorts. Most everyone is present, except of course cousins who are living abroad. The celebration is always full of fun and overflowing with love! Most important of all, it is a thanksgiving for another year for our dear lola!

Here's my beautiful lola on her birthday

The birthday feast!

It's not a birthday without lechon ;)

Blowing her cake...

Little C's card for her "lola lola", as she fondly calls my lola =)

Cousins having fun during the games

My little girl greeting her lola lola

Game prizes



  1. Wow 93 na si lola pero mukhang malakas pa! Happy Birthday to your lola! Wishing lola good health always!

  2. Dropping by! Thanks for the visit! have a wonderful week!