A Day of Animal Encounters

One lazy Sunday afternoon, our friendly neighbors invited us to go to Residence Inn Zoo in Tagaytay for an afternoon of animal encounters. :) The kids, at first, were a bit afraid to go near the animals, but eventually conquered their fear and enjoyed their first visit to the zoo.

At the entrance, we were greeted by a big Tiger, a baby Tiger, and a large snake!

The mother Tiger was walking round and round her cage that I couldn't get a decent picture of her.

This baby Tiger was the exact opposite. He was just calmly watching people looking back at him.

Here's our neighbors with little C by the baby Tiger's cage.

This is by far the biggest and longest snake I've seen in my life!

This is a beautiful white miniature horse.

And an equally beautiful Llama that awes on-lookers and passers-by!

Meet Milky, the big white Lion!

Brave little girl on a pony. :)

Our family enjoying the tour of the zoo. =)

How did your weekend go?

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  1. Di ko yata kaya hawakan ang snake! kakatakot hehehe!. Punta kami tagaytay next monday pero di kami mag zoo jan kasi mag zoobic safari kami sa May.