Thoughts on Holy Week

Isn't it ironic how on Palm Sunday, crowds gathered in joyful anticipation to welcome Christ to Jerusalem (even proclaiming Him as their "Messianic King"), and just five days after, they're the same persons who want Him crucified?

Are we, in modern times, part of this crowd, who chooses when we want Jesus Christ in our lives and in an instant just forget about Him?

I wonder...



  1. Hay naku very ironic talaga yung mga pangyayari na yun. Sa panahon natin ngayon, hindi naman siguro kapareho ng ugali ng mga tao noon kumpara sa mga tao ngayong modern times. Though may iba talaga na gustong tumalikod sa kanya.

  2. I just hope that even if it's not Holy Week, people can change their ways and bring themselves closer to God.

  3. That's very ironic nga talaga. Ewan ko ba...minsan kasi tayong mga tao, ang bilis makalimot. Ang sad no? Tsk..

  4. Oh Btw, I have an award for you. Please grab it on my blog! Thanks!

  5. Hi Anney, Badet, & Honney... It's really a sad truth before and it's even sadder that until now people haven't changed much, it seems. :(

    Honney, I'm off to check out your blog. Thanks for the award! :)