When do you put up your Christmas decors?

I'm excited this year to decorate our home for the Christmas season. The reason behind my excitement is that our daughter is already a year and a half old, and she's starting to be fascinated with colorful objects. We went to the mall last weekend, and she was so filled with joy at every Christmas tree that she saw in the mall and even at the Christmas decors along the streets. That's why I was excited to buy Christmas decors and immediately decorated our home when we got home. =D Now, my daughter points at the Christmas balls when I ask her where her toy ball is. :) It gives me pure delight when I see my daughter's eyes shine with glee as she marvel at the sight of our colorful Christmas decors!

You, when do you put up your Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations?


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  1. Our Christmas tree is up na. Excited din ako coz after 8 years, I'd be spending Christmas here with my daughter, it'll be her first time to witness this special occasion.

    Btw, I have added you in my blogroll already!