What is Hepatitis A?

My daughter is scheduled for yet another vaccination tomorrow. This time, it's for Hepatitis A (or Hepa A for short).

Here are some notes I took from my research of this virus.

1. It causes liver disease.
2. It is carried in feces and may be transmitted by unwashed hands.
3. It is also transmitted by contaminated food and water.
4. Symptoms are fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine.
5. There is no treatment for this virus, but children often recover on their own within 2 months.
6. 3-5 out of 1,000 cases of Hepa A are fatal! =(

*Source: parentcenter

So, better be sure your children are protected from Hepa A, ok?

Stay healthy!


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  1. before we went to the Phils last year of 2007, my pedia advise me for my two boys to have the shot before we go.