Milk Quest

My baby is very choosy when it comes to her milk. She's been used to the NAN series of formula milk made by Nestle: NAN1 from birth to 6 months, NAN2 from 6 months to 10 months, & NAN3 for 10 months to 24 months-old babies.

Recently, though, NAN3 ran out of stock in the market. A call to the Nestle Consumer Hotline confirmed that Nestle has been re-packaging its NAN products and so explains the shortage that we are experiencing in the market. And so that started our quest for a replacement milk for our baby. Our pedia first recommended changing to PediaSure Plus (also to increase our baby's appetite). PediaSure Plus came in 2 flavors: vanilla & chocolate. We tried vanilla. It smelled so good...but our baby rejected it. :( We thought that maybe she didn't want milk with flavor. So we texted our ever-reliable pedia for another alternative. She replied, "try Enfagrow A+". But a trip to the local supermarket revealed that Enfagrow A+ also came in flavors. We saw Lactum 1+ with no flavor & asked our pedia if that was ok. She said, "alright, let's try that one". Then again, our baby didn't what to drink the Lactum milk we gave her. And so our quest continued.

Then we found Nestogen3, also from Nestle. This, we tried, and finally our baby accepted it. But we compared the nutrients labeled in both NAN3 and Nestogen3, and we found out that NAN3 has more nutrients in it. So although Nestogen is a cheaper alternative, as parents, we wanted our baby to get as much nutrients as possible in the early stages of her growth & development. Good thing NAN3 is now back in the market with its new packaging. Our baby is now happily sucking away! :)

Note: I am not in any way associated with Nestle or any other milk product. My baby has been accustomed to NAN3, and we're happy with this product. But I'm certain that there are other milk products that are also good for your baby. Do consult your pediatrician before trying any formula milk. And as doctors always say, "Breastfeeding is truly the best for babies".

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