Kiddie Party Ideas

My friend is celebrating her daughter's first birthday party soon, so I thought of this list of ideas that will make any kiddie party enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Food – Any party won’t be complete without food. Of course, the all-time kids’ favorite spaghetti and fried chicken must be part of the menu. A separate menu for the adult guests would be great, but not required especially if you’re on a budget.
  2. Venue – A McDonald’s/Jollibee/other fast-food chain/restaurant-catered party is the best option for parents who want a stress-free, all-in-one package without the need to hire party organizers.
  3. Activities – Kids enjoy being involved. Some fun activities for kiddie parties are face painting, balloon-making, magic shows, mini playground like inflatable slides, and games like “Trip to Jerusalem”, “Bring Me”, “Longest Line”, and dance/singing/beauty pageant contests for the cute kids.
  4. Souvenirs/Give-aways – These can be store-bought, but the best ones are those that you personally made or put together. We went to a princess-themed party where the 7-year old celebrant distributed the “take-home goodies” which consisted of princess-designed mini fans, stickers, mini notepads, candies, and mini toys all placed inside a cute princess box, in line with the party’s princess theme. What a truly nice treat for the kids!

So, whether you’re willing to splurge on your kid’s party or you’re on a tight budget, what’s most important is to enjoy the day in celebration of the wonderful gift that is your precious child.

Any more tips on making kiddie parties fun? Let me know how you celebrated your own child’s birthday, or the most memorable kiddie party you’ve been to!

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