Vikings: A Feast from the Sea!

This is our first time to eat at Vikings.  Just look at these pictures and you'll know why I'll say it won't be our last! :-)

The Oyster was a hit! The refills are always gone in a minute!

Fish balls, kikiam, squid balls... name it, they've got it!

First time I saw such a big fish!


Sushi placed beautifully on a boat-like serving dish

Canape... makes me think Hawaiian ;-)

Cold cuts and Cheese

I don't really know what this is... I didn't taste it either... just took a picture of it coz it looks really nice...hehe  :)

Truly a feast from the sea!

Tempura, anyone?

The Miso soup is served in these cute mini teapots.

I would have wanted this, too, but I had to leave some space in my tummy for dessert, so I opted to skip this.
I ordered for a Sirloin Steak... took about 10 minutes waiting time

That's the chef grilling the steaks

My sirloin steak... so worth the wait! yum!!! :-)

Just some of the many desserts

Candy toppings for the yogurt or ice cream

More candies!!!

That's my crepe being cooked.

This is my banana crepe with choco drizzle and strawberry jam... a bit too sweet for me.

Choco-mint ice cream to end my delicious meal! =)

Vikings is located at By the bay, Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia
Here are their rates:


  1. Inaantay ko mag open yung branch nila dito sa SM Edsa. Lagi puno sa MOA! Ewan kung hanngang ngayon e kailangan pa magpa reserve. Kilawin yung ceviche. Kumakain ka ba nun? ako oo basta naluto na sa suka o kalamansi yung fish yoko ng hilaw hilaw pa. hehe!

  2. i love sea foods...they all look very good....choco min ice cream is my favorite...yum!


  3. Happy weekend! Usually sa SM kami nag trick or treat. Bukas halloween party ng mga bagets kaya bisi bisihan ang byuti ko bukas!

  4. Dalaw lang uli. Update naman dyan. hehe!

  5. wow! those looks delish! getting hungry already. happy new year!