Today is my day!

Today is 11.11.11.  Some say it's supposed to be a lucky date. And so I declare, "Today is my day!".  I know it's going to be the start of something BIG, something good, something nice, and something new!

I'm starting to read this book by Arun Gogna. Ever heard of him? Maybe you're more familiar with Bo Sanchez?  Well, Arun, like Bo, is a preacher.  He is the Feast builder of The Feast Alabang in Festival Mall (I'll tell you more about The Feast some other time).  Anyway, he's a funny guy.  I never thought listening to a preacher (or in this case, reading his work) would be entertaining as much as enlightening. Maybe I'll share some thoughts when I'm done reading the book.  So, happy 11.11.11 everyone!  Lucky or not, it's just another date.  Any day could be your lucky day if you want it to be! There's still 12.12.12 next year, and I bet there'll be another lucky craze then! hehehe... ;)

I am enjoying my day because today is MY day! I hope you are having a blast, too! =)

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  1. Good thing you enjoyed 11.11.11! Naku nasan ba ko nun? hahaha!