Toy Story 3

I love Toy Story because it brings out the child in me. I feel like a child all over again, and brings back happy memories of childhood. Plus, the toys are so cute, too! :)

Toy Story 3 becomes more memorable this time around, as it is the first-ever movie that my daughter watched in a movie house. She slept half-way through it, though. hahaha! :)

Anyway, I still enjoyed the 3rd sequel as much as the 1st and 2nd ones. And being one who can get easily emotional, I did shed a few tears near the end of the film. Won't you agree that it's a touching and heart-warming movie, too? ;)


  1. Plano din namin panoorin ito 3D! Sabi nga nila nakakaiyak daw.

  2. Me too, i so love the 3rd more than the first 2. It even made me cry.

  3. Hi! First time to drop by your blog=) And its quite interesting, I am a mommy myself too and have a sweet daughter=) anyway, i so agree that the toy story 3 was way better than the first 2. Very heartwarming=)-Shanna

  4. I watched it twice...cried twice too. I can't believe the Toy Story series is over after this one. It's such a beautiful film, actually of the Toy Story films are beautiful. Something I will watch over and over again even after many years have passed.

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  5. hi napadaan ganda ng page mo ang linaw ng mga sulat ganda pa ng color ng pages mo.

    sali ka sa botohan mamdam mommy thanks