Bonding with C

I had a fun afternoon today with my little girl, C. We had a short mother-daughter bonding while the Daddy was having his hair cut. I enjoyed watching C as she helped me choose a new pair of shades. She was pointing to one pair and then to another, saying "mommy, this one" or "mommy, that one". She even tried some on, while the saleslady was obviously also enjoying C's "fashion show". =) Then we went to the Children's section where we looked at some of the bathing suits on display. C so excitedly pointed out an exact look-alike of her own swimwear at home (maybe she thought it was her actual swimsuit! hehehe :) ). I wanted to buy C a new pair of shoes, but unfortunately, all the styles she wanted (yes, as young as 2 she already knows what style she wants..hehe...) didn't have sizes fit for her little feet. Anyway, C was very understanding when mommy said that we'll buy her new shoes next time. I just bought her coloring books to add to her numerous collection at home (coloring is one of her favorite hobbies =) ). All in all, though simple as it was, it was a fun mother-daughter bonding activity! =)

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  1. How nice naman at nakapag bonding moment kayo. My little niece din hilig mag color kahit sabog sabog ang pagkukulay binibili ko pa rin ng coloring books. hehehe!