Christmas Rush

You know Christmas is just around the corner when...

1. The malls are unusually packed with people, that "malling" becomes too tedious: no parking space available, long lines at the cashier, long waiting time at the restaurant during meal time.

2. It's just 5:30pm and yet it's already dark outside.

3. The wind becomes colder at night ("simoy ng Pasko", as we call it).

4. Children start singing Christmas carols by your gate/door.

5. Christmas lights and decors adorn the streets.

6. You start making a "list" (a.k.a. trying to remember all your "inaanak", hoping you don't miss out on anyone =) ) ...

7. ... and checking it twice! (wishing you won't go beyond your budget..hehehe...)

8. The local TV networks begin airing their "Christmas station ID".

9. You're picking a nice family photo and using that to send Christmas greetings around the globe.

10. You start reminiscing about the year's events, knowing that it will soon be over.

Here's hoping you'll enjoy the days ahead, and feel the excitement awaiting Christmas! =)


  1. Ilang tulog na lang at pasko na naman. Parang kailan lang e pasko tapos eto na uli! Dami ko inaanak at talagang lahat present pag pasko. hehehe!

  2. Christmas is here na talaga :) Kahapon we put up our tree na and the kids were sooo excited!