Beautiful Bridal Bouquets

We recently attended the wedding of my good friend from High School, wherein my daughter was chosen as one of the flower girls. :) It was such a beautiful wedding! Lovely ceremony, fun reception, delicious food, gorgeous bride and groom, and most of all, I fell in love with the flowers (from the bride's bouquet, to the entourage's flowers, to the flower girls' pomanders and head dresses, and even the reception tables' flower arrangements were lovely!). This made me reminisce back to my own wedding and my own bridal bouquet. Just want to share with you these beautiful bouquets I found in the web. Have a lovely day! Do take time out to smell the flowers! =)

This one looks very much like my own bridal bouquet.
White calla lilies from
This is another flower arrangement for calla lilies.

Here's a classic red roses bouquet.

Another roses bouquet, this time in orange.

Nice combination of roses and tulips.

Colorful arrangement of tulips.

Simple and elegant.

Purple is my favorite color, so I just can't help but notice this one!



  1. The bouquets are all lovely! I love the purple one!

  2. Those are really gorgeous bouquets...

  3. Very nice!!!
    This is very perfect for my soon to be beautiful Pinay wife!