How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

This year, hubby and I decided to spend Valentine's day at home with our daughter.
I cooked a special meal for us, which consisted of baked macaroni (the little girl's favorite), carbonara (hubby's request), chicken with mushroom sauce (our family's favorite!), and ref cake for dessert. It took me 3 hours to prepare the meal! But that's ok, because I prepared it with love, and my hubby and the little one enjoyed it very much! :)

Here's a picture of our delicious Valentine's day meal:

Late in the afternoon, Titanic was shown on cable TV, so it was just the perfect romantic movie to end our special date at home! :)

How was your Valentine's Day celebration?
Hope it was just as memorable! :)



  1. Just visiting here! The best basta magkakasama ang pamilya kahit sa munting salu-salo lang! Have a great week!