5 Fun and Budget-friendly Gift-wrapping ideas

It's the time of the year again when we wrap lots of presents for our loved-ones.
Here are some budget-friendly ideas to make gift-wrapping both fun and easy!
It can also be a bonding activity for the whole family! =)

1. Re-use old glossy magazines as gift wrappers. They are colorful, unique, and cheap too! :)

2. Use your old yellow pages to wrap gifts. Choose those listed under "Restaurants/Food establishments" for friends who love eating out. Or pick pages under "Parlors/Spa services" for spa gift sets.

3. Wrap wines using cheap and easy-to-find large bandanas.

4. Use brown manila paper to wrap boxed gifts. Use sinamay ribbon to complete the "native" look.

5. Print your own gift tags, personalize with creative and sincere messages, and tape onto your gifts.

Surely, everyone enjoys receiving gifts, but isn't it more exciting to open presents that are wrapped with love? =) Happy gift-giving! :)


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  1. Good ideas, especially if you're trying to be environmentally sound. Another way is to keep and reuse all of those gift bags. I haven't bought a new gift bag in years!!