Baby Milestones

My daughter just turned 16 months last September 22.

In celebration of her 16th month, I am writing about baby milestones to guide parents with their own child's development. However, this is just a guide. Each baby is an individual, with his/her own development rate...each small step in his development will come at his most perfect time.

Months 1-2
- can follow a moving object with his eyes (faces, patterns, strong colors)
- sucks at everything!
- baby's head control is getting better
- first smile =)
- starts to learn how to reach out and grasp for an object

Months 3-6
- starts to roll at 3-4 months
- may be able to push herself up to a standing position at 5 months with your help
- can sit unsupported at 6 months
- can grasp and hold on to objects/toys

Months 6-9
- puts her hands and feet into her mouth -- she has discovered that she can now control her body
- from 7-9 months, she starts to crawl properly
- can recognize her name from about 8 months

Months 9-12
- can sit confidently without support and change from sitting to lying position
- can pull himself up in the crib and move around it
- he can associate words with objects like teddy bear, car, or apple
- he can understand simple instructions such as "give it to mommy"
- can pick up small objects with his fingers

Months 12-15
- most physically demanding stage
- average age for walking is between 12-18 months

Months 15-18
- he likes to imitate simple activities, such as feeding his teddy, sweeping the floor, wiping the table, etc.
- he can now run!

Have fun exploring with your baby! :)

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